Parking in Viale Pellini. Outdoor parking, equipped with a prefabricated modular structure “Fast Park’, is connected to the historic center by escalator. From the parking lot of Viale Pellini, you can easily reach, in addition to the city center, the Teatro Comunale Morlacchi and the municipal swimming pool. The car park will be completely renovated and expanded in 2023.

Parking in Piazza Partigiani. It is conveniently connected to the central Piazza Italia by escalators that cross the Rocca Paolina, a medieval citadel, inside which there are exhibitions and cultural and artistic events. The car park is located in the immediate vicinity of the Chamber of Commerce, the INPDAP headquarters and the School of Foreign Languages of the Army. Ideal parking for tourists.

Covered Market Parking. It is the closest car park to the historic center, but, with few places, it is often possible to find traffic at the entrance. It is connected to the central Piazza Matteotti by two elevators.

Parking in Briglie di Braccio. The structure is located in the immediate vicinity of the central car park of the Covered Market, which is a valid alternative if you are in line with this latter. It is connected to the historic center by two large elevators that allow you to reach it in a few minutes.

Parking in Viale Sant’Antonio. Parking located in the north of Perugia near the famous Etruscan Arch and University for Foreigners, allows you to easily reach the historic center and the university area.

Parking in Piazzale Europa. The car park is part of an urban complex of particular architectural value with large equipped outdoor spaces (pitches for markets, areas for outdoor theater, green areas, etc.). It is equipped with three elevators and three escalator ramps. The car park is located in the immediate vicinity of the Chamber of Commerce, the ASL n. 2, and the Registry Office of the Municipality of Perugia. Ideal parking for tourists.

Parking areas Within the ZTL zone of the historic center of Perugia, which is accessible to all users from 13:00 to 6:00 on weekdays and 24 hours on holidays, it is possible to park in different areas with ‘blue stripes’ with the parking meter and in areas with time disk.

Car Parks
Piazza Partigiani
Viale Pellini
Mercato Coperto
Briglie di Braccio – Ripa di Meana
Piazzale Europa
Porta Nova
Areas with parking meter

Other paying parking 
Marinelli Via Canali – Station Area F.S.
Parking garage – Station Area F.S.
Station FF.SS.
Cortonese – Station Area F.S.

Free car parks
Bove Piazzale del Bove – Via Campo di Marte

Parking areas for motorhomes, camper vans, buses and cars
Cupa Piazzale della Cupa – Via A. Checchi

Società Immobiliare Parcheggi Auto
Via M. Fanti 2/8
06122 Perugia