Alfani, Domenico

Painter, author of the sixteenth-century Madonna on Throne and Saints kept at the Church of Saints Stephen and Valentine

Alfani, Orazio

Painter, founder together with Raffaello Sozi of the Academy of Fine Arts ‘Pietro Vannucci ’

Angelini, Pietro

Architect, author of the fountain (1929) in Via Maestà delle Volte

Baglioni, Pietro

Architect, developed the project for the Auditorium of Santa Cecilia

Belletti, Germano

Painter and ceramist, author of the polychrome ceramic panel (1945) depicting the Madonna placed in Via Maestà delle Volte

Benincasa, Michelangelo 

Noble Perugian, founder of the Conservatory of Provisions in the street that was later named after him

Bini Cima, Giovanni

Intellectual of the second half of the 19th century

Bonacci Brunamonti, Maria Alinda


Boncambi (family)

Famous Perugian family, together with the Lippi family he built the Palazzo Lippi Boncambi; to them is entitled Via Boncambi

Brizi, Antonio

Lawyer, he owned a house in Via della Pernice

Canova, Antonio

Sculptor and painter, author among others of Le Tre Grazie (1813-1816), whose original plaster was donated by the artist to the Academy of Fine Arts

Caporali, Giovan Battista

Architect, painter and miniaturist, he adorned the dome of the Church of the Madonna della Luce

Da Cortona, Pietro

Artist, author of the Immaculate Conception (1662) kept in the Church of San Filippo Neri

Di Galeotto, Pietro

Painter, author of the Flagellation of Christ (1480), kept at the Oratory of San Francesco dei Nobili

Di Giapeco, Marta

A young woman abandoned by her husband, Via della Sposa is named after her

Dottori, Gerardo

Futurist painter from Perugia, many of his works are now preserved at the Museum of the Academy of Fine Arts and the National Gallery of Umbria

Ferri, Baldassarre

Famous white voice, named after him Piazza Ferri

Francolini (family)

Perugian family, from them it takes the name Via Francolina

Fratti, Antonio

Garibaldian and parliamentarian, killed in combat; it is named after him Via Fratti

Guardabassi, Francesco

Patriot and Perugian philanthropist, Via Guardabassi is dedicated to him

Lamparelli, Carlo

Painter, author of The Madonna with Child and Santa Cecilia (1688), kept at the Auditorium of Santa Cecilia

Leopardi, Giacomo

Writer and poet

Mancini, Orazio

Jesuit Father of the Church of San Filippo Neri

Marini Clarelli (family)

Perugian family, from 1881 the Palace previously called the Oddi also assumed their name, becoming Palazzo degli Oddi Marini Clarelli

Maruscelli, Paolo

Architect, developed the project for the Church of San Filippo Neri

Morlacchi, Francesco

Musician and composer, Piazza Morlacchi and Teatro Morlacchi are named after him

Oddi (family)

Notable Perugian family, of which the Palazzo degli Oddi Marini Clarelli is remembered today

Penna, Sandro

Perugian poet

Riccieri, Fulvio

General, silver medal of the First World War

Rocchi, Mariano Junior

Doctor and Literate

Rocchi, Mariano Senior

Painter and art critic

Scaramuccia, Giovanni Antonio

Artist, author of the pictorial complex of Marian and Christological scenes inside the Oratory of San Francesco dei Nobili

Sciri (family)

Perugian family, counted among the patrician families of Perugia in 1494 and extinct towards the end of the seventeenth century; very famous is the homonymous Towerbuilt by them in Via dei Priori, which today represents one of the main symbols of the city

Sozi, Raffaello

Architect-mathematician, founder together with Orazio Alfani of the Academy of Fine Arts ‘Pietro Vannucci’

Sozi, Sozio

Tartaglini, Suor Lucia da Cortona

Founder of the Conservatory in the buildings annexed to the Tower of Sciri in 1687

Vannucci, Pietro ‘il Perugino’

Painter, the main high street and the Academy of Fine Arts are named after him

Vermiglioli (family)

Perugian family, built Palazzo Vermiglioli, from which the homonymous street was named

Vermiglioli, Giovan Battista

Founder of the Chair of Archaeology and the Archaeological Museum of Perugia, author of the first monograph on the Fontana Maggiore, friend of Leopardi

Vincioli (family)

Noble Perugian family, from them it takes the name Via Vincioli

Vincioli, Pietro

Abbot, considered founder of the Abbey of San Pietro

Perugia Turismo

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