Mutual Aid Society Established in 1861 with the aim of helping members, including workers, artists, craftsmen, small traders, and other low-income categories, to help each other, constituting a common fund from which to draw a subsidy in case of illness, injury, old age, to help orphans and widows, to promote joint initiatives and to improve the level of education of members.  Still existing, it preserves the original furnishings, a library, and interesting relics of the Risorgimento age.

Articles of Association 1887

Art. 1 Under the protection of the Statute of the Kingdom that proclaims the right of association, on March 1, 1861, by deserving and earnest citizens, was founded this Mutual Aid Association that today bears the title: General Society of Mutual Aid and Cooperation between the artists and workers of the Municipality of Perugia

Art.2 It is based on union and fraternity, for the purpose of the providence exercised with mutual assistance, material, moral and intellectual, and with the various systems of cooperation.

Art.3.Its purpose is to subsidize the Members in cases of illness, old age or absolute and permanent impotence at work, to grant a subsidy to widows, as well as orphans admitted to charitable institutions; to provoke the well-being of the Members by promoting the establishment of Cooperatives, credit, consumption and production and work, as well as to facilitate the achievement of education and moral education of those who are part of it.

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Società di Mutuo Soccorso Perugia

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