Morlacchi Theater. It is the largest theatre in Perugia. Realized by Alessio Lorenzini (1778-1781), on the initiative of the Perugian bourgeoisie; it was inaugurated in 1781 with the name of Teatro del Verzaro and later named after the Perugian musician Francesco Morlacchi (1774-1841). In 1874 it was renovated in architecture by Guglielmo Calderini, in sculptural decorations by Raffaele Angeletti and Francesco Biscarini and in pictorial decorations by Francesco Moretti, Matteo Tassi, Napoleone Verga and Lucio Angeloni. The curtain and ceiling were illustrated by the figurative artist Mariano Piervittori with a romantic work inspired by the local history, celebrating the bourgeoisie of the city. The theater’s activity continued until the early 20th century, but it declined during the years of fascism until it was requisitioned by the Nazis during the occupation of the city, to be used for performances for their soldiers. After the war, the theater was seriously damaged, so the Municipality, to which it was ceded, between 1951 and 1953 financed the restoration work, consisting of the renovation of the roofs, the modification of the stage, the mystical gulf, and the marble floors of the atrium and foyer.

The theatre currently has 785 seats. The stage measures 20 meters wide, 10.5 meters deep. The proscenium is 10.5 meters wide.

‘Teatro Stabile’ management +39 075 57542213 (via del Verzaro, 20);
Box Office +39 075 5722555 (piazza Morlacchi, 13);
Stage +39 075 5734380 (via del Verzaro, 22)