The beauty and uniqueness of Perugia are the result of the work of skilled craftsmen. Pietro Vannucci ‘Il Perugino’ had  his workshop in Via Deliziosa which was a school for Raphael and many other painters and artists of the time. The workshops of art and artistic craftsmanship in the historic center,  particularly numerous in the area of  Via dei Priori, constitute an open-air laboratory museum in which the city testifies to the past, while the laboratories are that intangible heritage constituted by the skills of the master craftsmen transmitted from generation to generation with their work. Contemporary workshops in which the creativity of the artisan artist is expressed in the know-how, in the ability to create, with competence, experience, and originality, linked to the past but ready to experiment and innovate.


A mano libera di Stella Lupo | Via dei Priori 76

Anna Barola Italian Jewels | Via dei Priori 1 | +39 348 8585347

Ca D’or Gioielli | Via dei Priori 37 | +39 075 5729215

De Sanctis Boutique Sartoria | Via dei Priori 49 | +39 075 5721325

I-felt | Via dei Priori 36 | +39 348 7520268

Il grigio viandante | Via dei Priori 32 | +39 349 1630411

Laboratorio di falegnameria Apri la Porta | Via Deliziosa

Materia Ceramica M. A. Taticchi | Via dei Priori 70 | +39 075 5730252

Mogré Ceramiche | Via dei Priori 26 | +39 075 5271466

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