Public/urban transport system, cutting-edge in the field of alternative mobility, which connects the commercial and residential city to the Etruscan-Medieval acropolis. The service is active from Monday to Sunday, and has an average frequency of about 2.5 minutes. The stop in the area of Via dei Priori is the Stazione della Cupa. Through the escalators Pellini you can easily reach the Tower of Sciri and the district of Porta Santa Susanna. A walk (uphill, but beautiful…) through history, architecture, crafts and food and wine will take you to the heart of the city, Corso Vannucci.

Pian di Massiano Terminal
Cortonese Station
Madonna Alta Station
Fontivegge Station
Case Bruciate Station
Cupa Station
Pincetto Terminal

Service timetable

Monday – Saturday
From 7:00 a.m. to 9:20 p.m. (*)

Sunday and holiday
From 8:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. (*)

(*) The last daily ride takes place by and no later than 15 minutes before the closing time.

The Minimetrò is an excellent solution to ‘climb’ up to the center in comfort. In Pian di Massiano you can stop for free at the large car park near the terminal.

On the occasion of major city events, such as Umbria Jazz and Eurochocolate, and on the weekends of the summer months of June and July, the Minimetrò has different closing times. The last ride is scheduled for 01.45. In August, technical maintenance is usually carried out on the plants and, for a few days, the service is suspended. To stay up-to-date, go to the Minimetrò website.

The history of Minimetrò spa and its achievement. In April 1998, the Municipality of Perugia created Minimetrò spa, a joint-stock company with majority public capital. The company’s task is to design, build and operate a light rail system, called Minimetrò, as an innovative and alternative urban mobility system for a total length of 3,863.2 linear metres. The final project of the Minimetrò, the section of Pian di Massiano-Pincetto Centro, was approved in October 2002 for a total amount of about 60 million euros. Subsequently, the Project is adapted on the basis of ministerial provisions, the indications of the architect Jean Nouvel, who is entrusted with the artistic direction of the design, and the indications on the technological works carried out by Leitner. The works end in 2008, the year of the opening of the Minimetrò.

Toll-free number +39 800 910348

Minimetró S.p.A.
Piazzale Bellucci, 16-16/A 06121 PERUGIA (IT)
Phone +39 075 5058753

The choice of the Minimetrò. The Minimetrò is the answer to the need to go beyond the classic transport scheme in Perugia, where all the connecting axes converge on the historic center. In the early 1980s, under pressure from automobile traffic, the municipal administration began to plan the partial closure of the center to private traffic. It was immediately evident that this was not feasible without the creation of an alternative access to the center; therefore, the construction of exchange parking lots around the walls and a series of mechanized paths that connected them to the center of the city was planned. Thus, fixed public transport systems were created: the escalators. Born as internal transport to the buildings, they become an alternative public transport with entire mechanized routes for access to the historic center without resorting to buses or private cars. It is thus a sunburst around the city that, together with the elevators, conveys mobility towards the center. The Minimetrò is, like the escalators, a vehicle that works continuously, with minimum waiting times, and can connect the various systems in strategic points of the city.